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forensic hypnosis in daytona beach, florida & nationwide


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal natural state that you may experience sometimes without ever realizing.

Did you ever lose track of what exit you were at on a highway only to discover you traveled past your indented destination ? 

Did you ever come home from the beach on a nice summer day, sit in your favorite chair  and were so relaxed that when the phone rang you didn’t get up to answer?

Hypnosis is a heightened concentration in which your mind can focus on a set objective. A trait that is very effective with clinical and forensic applications. 

Hypnosis is completely safe and works best on people who possess average or above average intelligence.

How can hypnosis help you?

  • Find property

  • Locate lost items

  • Recover forgotten or lost memories

  • Find misplaced possessions 

  • Recover memory for civil trials

  • Recover memory for criminal trials


Who is John Gaspar?

John Gaspar bares the distinction of being one of five New York City Police Department Hypnotists in NYPD’s history. During his tenure in the Detective Divisions Special Investigations Hypnosis Unit, Detective Gaspar became one of the 10 most experienced and highly regarded Forensic Hypnotists in the United States. Gaspar received his training from Herbert Spiegel M.D. a noted psychiatrist, author (of “Trance & Treatment”) and professor at New York’s Columbia University. In addition, John Gaspar was trained by Dr. Martin Reiser the director of Los Angeles Police Department Behavioral Science Unit. 

Gaspar then went on to become the first Forensic Hypnotist in Flagler County, Florida. While in private practice as the owner of All Florida Investigation and Forensic Services, Inc. Gaspar was asked to assist Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch. Gaspar performed a forensic interview on Misty Cummings in an attempt to find out the whereabouts of 5 year old Haleigh Cummings who was abducted from her home. Gaspar has worked as a Hypnotist  for over 30 years assisting in both the private and public sector for people in need. He has used memory recovery techniques to help solve cases and has assisted thousands of people to stop smoking. Gaspar has earned a Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degree at Nova Southeastern University and has been a Professor at various Universities and Police Academies for over 25 years. Professor Gaspar helps his students to perform better on exams through hypnotic techniques.