Crime scene processing and clean up in daytona beach & throughout florida

Mobile Crime Scene Response & Processing

AFI Mobile Forensic Field Units process civil and criminal scenes which include: incident photography, vehicle processing, latent print examination and comparison, trace / DNA / blood evidence collection, photo management and storage, video and photo analysis, footwear / tire examination, accident investigation, and controlled substance testing.

The Forensic Techs at All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services Inc maintain expertise in many areas that include blood pattern interpretation, controlled substance identification, latent fingerprint examination, latent fingerprint comparison, accident reconstruction, forensic video analysis, and forensic mapping and crime scene analysis.

Why use AFI as your Mobile Forensic Service?

AFI personnel are trained in all the most modern forensic evaluations for evidence, processing, and collection. Retrieval of such evidence can establish patterns for internal theft, retail theft, harassment, and criminality or can help establish strong evidence in a civil case.

Field testing includes:

  • Scene photography
  • Latent prints
  • Blood tests
  • Semen tests
  • Salvia tests
  • Urine tests
  • GSR (Gun Shot Residue)
  • Trace evidence collections