BioChemical Investigations & Consulting in daytona beach & throughout florida

AFI provides cleanup services at Crime Scenes and is often called upon to assist Law Enforcement Agencies, Corporations, Attorneys, and Real Estate Agencies. Many people do not know that, in most cases, it is the property owner's responsibility to properly clean up crime scenes. These Crime Scenes often have a host of environmental hazards. Some of these hazards include (BBP) Blood Borne Pathogens and or (PIMS) Potentially Infectious Materials.

Examples of Hazardous Clean-ups include:

  1. Animal Infestations - feces, urine, putrefied remains.
  2. Human remains from a homicide and or suicide – putrefied bodies and insect infestation.
  3. Trash clean up with food putrefaction.
  4. Any BBP or PIMS which include HIV, AIDS, Viral, Hepatitis, Bacterium.

We follow all local and federal state guide lines and laws (OSHA, EPA, and Laboratory Safety Guidelines, Dept of Justice FBI). Our operatives are trained in proper barrier protection. PPEs are used and removal meets or exceeds all government standards.

AFI provides chemical removal of heavy metals, acids and bases for schools and businesses.