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We provide comprehensive Orlando, Daytona Beach, Florida & Nationwide, background checks from numerous proprietary civil and criminal databases which provide new information and can confirm the information provided by your candidates. This is a valuable step in making business or life decisions. All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services Inc has the investigative experience and the databases to perform an objective verification that may include; work history, criminal history, licenses, assets , judgments , liens, evictions and other personal data. We also have experienced staff that can offer a quick response to your need for information.

Our business is based on extensive experience with police, security, surveillance, and financial forensics work. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, and for every investigation we provide:

  • Prompt service

  • Detailed, meticulous research

  • Timely job completion

Our team follows every piece of information to a logical, decision-making conclusion with a confidentiality guarantee and a thorough final report when finished.

Orlando, Daytona Beach, Florida & Nationwide criminal background checks are an asset in your business hiring process. Contact All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services Inc to discuss your specific background check needs.