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Experience and dedication from a Daytona Beach, Florida, private investigator can provide answers and a course of action in trying circumstances. No matter how complex the situation we can be your problem solvers. All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services, Inc. has in excess of 50 years of Investigative experience, law enforcement, and forensics experience to assist you on your case. We put the resources of our organization to work for you, including dedicated investigators, large information network, and state-of-the-art equipment.

We understand the sensitive nature of your situation and have a 100% confidentiality guarantee with secured, private files. Our services include:

  • Service of Legal Papers
  • Pre-trial civil and criminal investigations
  • Negligence investigations
  • Compensation cases
  • Malpractice investigations
  • Accident and liability investigations
  • Anti-stalking (profiling)
  • Executive protective service
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Threats to person or property
  • Intentional vandalism
  • High tech – video and digital discreet Surveillance
  • Missing persons investigations
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Process serving (Summons, Citations and NTA’s)
  • Pre-tenant screening & non primary Residence investigations
  • National computer checks providing information on persons, property, and businesses
  • Investigative Canvass - Witness Interviewing - Background Searches - Skip Traces
  • Missing Persons Investigations
  • Executive / Dignitary / Celebrity Protection Services


  • Internal theft
  • Extortion
  • Vandalism
  • Industrial intelligence specialists
  • White collar crime investigations
  • Employee/Partnership background searches
  • Complete civil and criminal investigations
  • Fraudulent compensation investigations
  • Discreet surveillance
  • Company and individual credit history
  • Environmental investigations (minimums & maximums)
  • Malpractice Investigations and all forms of Insurance Claims
  • Accident – Liability - Compensation Investigations
  • Maritime Investigations


  • Electronic debugging
  • Cell Phone & Computer Forensics
  • Forensic Hypnosis Interviews
  • Environmental Crime
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Crime Scene and Forensic
  • Crime Scene Clean-Up

As a certified fraud investigator, master crime scene investigator, and domestic relationship investigator, we know how to track every detail to a logical conclusion. Our investigator stays focused on attentive client care through the course of your investigation.

Our Daytona Beach, FL, private investigator can provide a quick response to your request for help. Call All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services, Inc. today, and let us to find the answers.



Legal disputes and proceedings can become all the more difficult when you can't locate the parties involved or manage to serve them with the necessary documentation. If you're in need of a process server in Daytona Beach, FL who can get the job done, look no further than All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services, Inc. now. We pride ourselves on excellent service and results, and we're ready to show you what sets us apart from the competition.


No one likes to think about a spouse being unfaithful. But sometimes the signs are too hard to ignore. Whether you need to know the truth as part of divorce proceedings or you just want some peace of mind, you can count on our licensed, professional investigative team in Daytona Beach, FL to conduct a discreet surveillance of your spouse.


Nationwide Comprehensive Background & Asset Searches


Whetherpreparing for Civil cases, preparation, gathering and organizing all of the pertinent facts can support a successful outcome. Sometimes even the Best Trial Attorney can inadvertently give away “precious opportunities” to his/her courtroom competitor. AFI investigators work closely with your legal representatives to ensure success in your case. We can perform comprehensive background investigations on pertinent subjects involved in the case. Our services include but are not limited to: witness canvasing, interviews, locating and subject matter experts that may be required by your legal team.

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These investigators get to the core of what they are investigating fast and completely. Job well done. I recommend you use this company for any investigation large or small.

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I've used AFI for as "small" of a job as Process Serving to jobs involving very complex issues requiring in depth investigative services and have found their level of professionalism and expertise to be unmatched in the Daytona Beach area. Highly recommend the entire team.

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This company is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are extremely efficient and thorough. I highly recommend them!

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I needed a quick background check for a potential fraud case. John and his crew responded immediately and sent me the info I needed within hours!!! I would recommend to anyone in the Florida area.

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Best of the best! Detective Gasper showed passion, knowledge, and thoroughness. He was able to "see", (quickly), what many others likely could not see at all. His perception is well honed. He eased my mind on a miscarriage of justice, when no one else had the sense or courage to tackle. He was willing to join the fight. Great person as well as investigator. If you need someone to help you "Get to the Truth," (which is the anthem (sic) of all law enforcement officers and prosecutors), then AFI and Mr. Gasper are the ones to hire.

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AFI is extremely effective, professional, and thorough, and I would hire them again in a heartbeat.

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Prompt Efficient & Courteous are words that spring to mind when I think of my dealings with AFI. John is knowledgeable, honest and a true professional. I utilize his services often and recommend him to my clients without hesitation. Heidi S. Webb, Attorney at Law, Daytona Beach FL

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I have been extremely pleased with this company. They are efficient, prompt and well organized.

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I find this company to be efficient and professional. Very communicative with their client and the investigative reports are excellent. Highly recommend.

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Even though I needed investigator services at the last minute, All Florida Investigations came through with a quick turnaround. I was pleasantly surprised by the personal attention and concern for my case. Mr. Gaspar made the experience less painful with his thoughtful demeanor and his due diligence regarding my specific needs. I highly recommend their professional services.

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For more than two decades I have been using John's abilities, expertise and dedication to address many of our concerns. While lately his firm is being used primarily to perform background checks on prospective employees (we run a large security firm that serves tens of thousands of customers), John has resolved numerous potential problems over the years by using creativity, experience, personal contacts and plain hard work. In instances where he did not provide a specific service, John has recommended us to some very competent individuals (for lie detector testing & similar specialties). He is a professional, ethical, wise & a good friend.

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