Orlando & Orange County Private Investigators Ready To Help You, Now!


Orlando & Orange County Private Investigators Ready To Help You, Now!

AFI utilizes National Commercial Data Base systems to track, locate and implement surveillance processes on an individual or group of individuals. These national data bases are often the only practical option of obtaining information of a person's movements, habits, personal contacts and background. This information combined with our highly-trained surveillance teams turn up the evidence that our clients need. We have the equipment and personnel to get the job done right the first time.

Whether that individual is a suspected unfaithful spouse, missing persons, a business partner suspected of selling proprietary company information, or the proverbial insurance scammer faking a personal injury, our team of discreet surveillance professionals will physically track the suspect or use covert GPS tracking and obtain the needed information in a detailed dossier report combined with photo and video evidence if required to make your case a success.

These features can be implemented to protect yourself against fraudulent lovers, friends, baby-sitters, housekeeper, senior care-giver professional, nanny or tenant. AFI will give you an in-depth report on criminal history, known addresses, property ownership, bankruptcies / judgments / liens, employment history, DUI’s and other driving record information/history. AFI will also handle all Polygraph Testing to ensure honesty and integrity in those you employ or surround yourself with.

Peace of mind for you and your family is imperative in today's economy. Knowing certain information up-front is the key to the security and safety of those you love.

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