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Whether preparing for civil cases, preparation, gathering and organizing all of the pertinent facts can support a successful outcome. AFI will work together with your Trial Attorney to ensure that all details of your case remain discrete and confidential. AFIinvestigators work closely with your legal representatives to ensure success in your case. We can perform comprehensive background investigations on pertinent subjects involved in the case. Our services include but are not limited to: witness canvasing, interviews, locating and subject matter experts that may be required by your legal team.


It may be important in a pre-trial hearing to have a Private Investigator work with your Attorney closely, so that you will be able to expedite a significant fact finding process that can possibly lead to the dismissal of a charge, or no prosecution, or the proper plea deal if applicable.


In civil matters the preponderance of evidence is the measure of guilt or innocence for the plaintiff or the defendant.  Employing the expertise of a Private Investigator can help to fact find and vindicate you if you have been sued or a criminal action has been filed against you.  The converse is also true, using a Private Investigatorcan assist you to determine enough evidence and facts to support a successful outcome and possibly the proper compensation, both punitive and compensatory.

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