If you have been the victim of fraud or other financial misappropriation, you have joined the ranks of many Americans.  In this day and age, fraud has been growing.  White collar crime including, construction, ebay, homeowner, and inheritance fraud schemes are more present than ever.


As a FloridaDetective Supervisor in charge of the Economic Crime Division, in only 1 year we arrested and convicted criminals responsible for over $4 million in fraud.

Fraud is devastating, if you are robbed you may feel bad for a short time, if you lose your house because of fraud, you feel bad for a lifetime.  Fraudulent crimes will affect you both financially and emotionally.

Call All Florida Investigations & Forensic Services Inc to help you through this difficult time.  John Gaspar is a certified fraud examiner, backed by 35 years of fraud experience.  

While we at All Florida Investigationsunderstand that it will be difficult to trust someone after being the victim of fraud, we will work hard to make you feel comfortable and earn your trust.  Contact AFI today for a no-risk consultation.  We proudly serve Daytona Beach, Florida and Nationwide.

John Gaspar, B.S., M.S. MMBA, C.F.E., C.S.T  

Board Accredited Investigator

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John Gaspar